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One of the main aims of Bryn Coch is to involve parents/carers in an active partnership between the school and home. We believe that a way to strengthen this link is to establish an agreement between the school and home which will create a genuine and meaningful partnership.

Bryn Coch School will:

*  Strive to maintain the highest standards of academic achievement and pastoral care and ensure that your child achieves his/her full potential as a valued member of the school community.

*  Set challenging work, appropriate to the ability of the individual child and according to the demands of the Foundation Phase / National Curriculum.

*  Care for your child’s safety and happiness.

*  Assess and mark work on a regular basis.

*  Set, mark and monitor homework according to the child’s age and ability.

*  Report progress to parents on a regular pre-determined basis.

*  Involve parents in discussions about a child’s academic and/or pastoral welfare.

*  Provide a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities.

*  Keep parents informed about school’s activities through regular letters home, news-sheets and notices about special events.

The Parents/Carers will:

*  Inform the school of any concerns regarding their child’s progress.

*  Support the school by ensuring standards of behaviour are maintained:

    Bryn Coch pupils are expected to display:


 a)  good behaviour in the classroom and on their way to and from school;

 b)  show respect towards school and other pupils’ property;

 c)  be polite and helpful to others;

 d)  keep the school free from litter and take pride in its appearance.

*  Make sure that their child wears Bryn Coch uniform and regularly brings all equipment and kit needed for school.

*  See that their child goes to school regularly and punctually and inform the school of any absence.

*  Attend Parents’ Evenings and discussions about their child’s progress.

*  Support their children with homework and other opportunities for home learning.