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Are there any clubs available for my child at Bryn Coch School?

Yes, please click here to see a list of clubs and activities.

My child is ill and can’t attend school. How should I inform school?

If it is possible please telephone on the first morning of your child’s illness.

On his or her return to school please provide a brief note for the attention of your child’s teacher, to explain the reason for absence.  Please date and sign this note.

I want to take my child on holiday during term time.  What is the procedure?

Please obtain a holiday form from the school office in advance of your holiday.

Mrs Williams must register the reason for your child’s absence. The Education Act does not allow for holidays to be taken during term time unless a valid reason is provided.

What are the school hours?

To help with traffic congestion outside school in the morning, children should arrive between 8.40am and 8.50am.  They can go straight in to class at this time.

Early Years/FP finish at 3.00pm.

KS2 finish at 3.20pm.

Lunch begins at 12.00pm for EY and 12.05pm for KS2

What is the procedure if my child is late for school?

Children arriving after 8.50am must report to the school office where their arrival will be recorded.

Can I park in the school grounds?

At present we only have room for staff vehicles, contracted taxis and visitors requiring disabled parking bays.  

For large events after school such as open evenings and concerts, additional parking is provided on the front yard.  Mr Guy will usually be present to direct traffic.

Can I smoke on the school premises?

No. Smoking is not permitted within the grounds of the school. E-cigarettes are also prohibited. Please see Public Health Wales.for further information.

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